The First Blog Post: A Case Study

This is my first Post on my Goal to earn 500 dollars a month from my own store  Starting from Scratch, I am going to document the progress and give you all the details so you can see for yourself that this really works.. and if it does not you will find out that too.  I am so excited!  Follow me and we will take this Journey together!

This Blog is meant to be Motivational, Educational and Fun.  I want to help you succeed!  Also I believe the best way to learn and get better and to help yourself up, is to teach what you already know and help others up too.  

Currently I support a family of 7 (6 figures of revenue) working from home on other 3rd party websites like Amazon and Ebay selling Fun and Exciting shipping products to people all over the world! 

Now I want to take that success and create my own site to provide even better service to my awesome customers.  Most importantly, I want to help others improve every day and create some level of increased financial freedom.  Not because they just want to get rich, but because they want less worry and more options in their lives, that is what this is all about. Improve the quality of life emotionally, mentally and financially!

My Goal with this Blog is to make it fun to learn and help you start a work from home business without the expense or pressure.  I will not pressure you to buy anything, nor do I have an ulterior motive.  I simply want to learn and grow just like most people, and share that with others who also want to stretch themselves to become better. As I reach new heights, I want to help others up who really want to move towards a better less stressful life for themselves and their families.

What kind of business can you start you ask?  You do not have to start a physical product business.  You can have a digital product business or sell your skills and talent to those in need of it.  The options are endless and I will cover some of those options in future posts as well.  

First however, you need to have the right mindset and I want to help you with that!  I need to constantly work on my own thoughts and keep projecting my thoughts forward and you do too.  Sometimes we kind of need a "life coach" of sorts and I hope to be part of that in your life.

No matter where you are in life we can always get better and make things better.  If you believe that..  Saddle up, tie your shoes up tight and "lets get going"


Patrick Johnson



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