How to Add a Background Video on Home Page on The Shopify Debut Theme

This is how you add a video on your home page that will keep looping to create a unique professional feel to your site!

I was looking for a way to do this and I could not find a good solution without going into html and messing around with all that!  So I kept experimenting and found the solution! So here you go!

Here is an example on my home page at

This allows you to take any video from Youtube and use it as a background video to add flair and help you stand out on your website!

1.  Go to online store in your Shopify Admin and click customize theme.

2. Then on the left hand side under sections click add section and choose the slideshow option.

3. Then go under Content and choose Add content and choose Video Slide.

4. Put your Youtube Video Link in and under STYLE Choose Background Video. (You can get this from any Youtube video by clicking the share button and copy and pasting the link.)

and using that link to put in there

5. Put an image in for mobile devices as a fallback. (Most Mobile phones will not play the background videos, so you will want a picture to show if they are on a mobile device to keep things looking good no matter what they are viewing it on.

7.  Put in your Heading and Sub-Heading and click save!  Your Done!

It's That easy!  Hope this helps!



  • This information is totally incorrect for the debut theme. Totally useless

  • There is no such a thing as “video slide” in Debut theme in Shopify. You can only add images to the slide show, not videos.


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