How I opened my ShipNFun Online Store Using Shopify in less than three weeks!

Well here we are! 

In the last post I mentioned My Wife and I opening this store and getting everything setup from scratch.  Well let me be honest, I already offer products on Ebay and Amazon and Bonanza.  So I had some listings created on the other platforms already.

That saved allot of time, as pictures are time consuming to do if you do them right.  But in about 2 and a half weeks I went from no site of my own to a full functioning site with over 100 unique products available.  I am going to document my process to gauge our growth and progression, as well as give the insights and helpful tips to my customers to also help them grow!

 Its not just about making money.  Sure every business needs to make a profit but Its all about adding value to the marketplace. That is what we intend to do.  My ultimate goal is to create valuable business relationships within our own site here and nurture the ones we already have. 

Lets get something straight.  Dollars are not the only way to measure growth, but it is good to set a Goal for progression in this aspect.  If you have a business (other than a non profit) that is not earning money, chances are you are not adding value to the marketplace and you will not have a business very long.  What we all should strive for is helping enough people get what they want, and in the process, we wont have to worry about getting what we want.

That being said I want to share this Journey with you in the quest to see how long it will take to earn the first 100 dollars and then 500 dollars on this website alone.  It will be a case study of sorts of how this whole process works.  Why would I share this?  Because I myself find it fascinating!  Man there is so many scammers out there trying to sell you stuff and they use this click bait stuff like "Make 3,000 dollars in one day using Shopify" or whatever the pitch is.  It is hard to tell who is pulling your chain, trying to make money off you, and who actually wants to help you succeed

Well I promise you this!  If you follow these posts you will see for yourself where my heart is.  In the Bible Jesus says:  A tree will be known by the fruit that it bears" 

What that basically means is a person may tell you who he is, but what his actions and results are will tell you who he really is.  If he is a good tree he will produce good fruit, if he is a bad tree he will produce bad fruit.  I am not taling about money, i am talking about getting to higher level, and then reaching back and helping others up as you go.  That is what I have already done and am going to do with ShipNFun.

I have trained others to earn money online and have never charged them a dime.  I have sold off profitable businesses I created for less than I could have just to share the opportunity to help them get out of the rat race they were in.. I'll share some of that in future posts, enough about me. 

Lets Get Going.  Lets get our mindset right.  Lets move forward together.  

I will keep posting on the progress and how we get there, both the good and the bad.  it was said before:

A smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from others mistakes!  

Lets be wise and learn from others mistakes, hey maybe you can help me out too right?  think about it the more people I help succeed the honest way, the more I will succeed.  It will go hand in hand.. It has too.  If you profit and help serve others in the marketplace with your skills and products like me, then you are helping others. everybody wins..

In the next post I will share any apps I have used and what I did to get the store opened up in less than 3 weeks so you can take what is good for you and use it.  Or you can throw away the parts that don't!

Good luck my friends! See you in the next post! 

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